The Ballet Academy

Arlington • Bedford • Belmont


Ages 3 to Adult


Samantha, Age 15

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“Samantha has been to countless auditions, classes and rehearsals.  She is always noticed and told that her technique is flawless, her lines are clean and she is mentally prepared for what ever is thrown at her.”

“ If she had not had Mrs. Kotelly’s ballet training she would never have had the performance opportunities, scholarships or awards that she has already had in her short career. There is simply no where else to send a student looking for classical ballet training in a positive, nurturing and technically perfect environment but The Ballet Academy”



“I have been going to the Ballet Academy school since I was 4, and the environment has remained a comfortable and respectful one. It is my favorite place to go during the day. Mrs. Kotelly gives attention to all of her students. she works hard to improve the technique of everyone in her school. We are always learning new things and expanding our knowledge in her class. Her level of teaching and her love of ballet inspire me daily.”



--  Barbara G., Bedford, Massachusetts

  -- Theresa R., Arlington, Massachusetts